:: ABOUT US ::


Our company JailMail creates special designed postcards with different motives. Mostly images that has something to do with Jail or Prison.


Company policy is to create postcards and other products with a serious appearance and some products with humor. We strive to keep a low profile and do not encourage either drugs, violence or any other type of illegal appearance in our products.

VISIONs & goal

Our vision is to highlight the "red thread" in the design of our products, a combination of the serious and humorous undertone found in our cards. Company goal is to be able to reach out with our products to the other Nordic countries and other parts of the world. You can help. Read more about becoming our reseller.

New NISChe

We started the year 2022 by working towards a new niche (mixed cards) and profiling of our company logo and website. We look forward to be able to offer our customers unique postcards with advance notice that we will broaden our range of cards. Please keep updated on what is happening on our website, Facebook page or our Instagram account.