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Parts of our cards are officially licensed / © Graphics Factory.com and our illustrator Anneli. View her Instagram page under the link "Illustrator" above.

Other cards are made by Public Domain images. Please let us know if you discover any card that is NOT in Public Domain, and we will immediately remove them from our gallery.

We sell our cards in small packages á 4 different cards in each package, as individual cards (8 cards/lot) or in larger amounts. Every card we sell is "a blank card or empty talkbubble", "a card with english text on the card or in the bubble" or "a card with swedish text on card or in bubble".

In this way our customers can choose if they want to write something themselves or just choose our text on the cards front.


We are at the beginning, to launch our new cards and homepage and are now looking for entrepreneurs with interest of reselling our cards. You may already own your postcard company or a shop or perhaps you want to try this opportunity out as a privat individual. Read more under our link"Resellers" down below. Don´t hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

See our page in swedish- click on the swedish flag on the top or the bottom of our page.